Pilates with Lynn

Pilates with Lynn

For any queries, or to join Lynn at Pilates, please fill in this health registration form and send it to Lynn@limberstrength.com.au

About Lynn

Lynn has had a life-long interest in movement, particularly dance in all its forms, and was trained in classical ballet. She has explored many different exercise modalities, including weights and gravity-based training, stretch therapy, yoga and aqua-aerobics as well as regular programs. Lynn teaches Body Pump, Body Balance, CXWX, but her main focus and current field of research is on feet, posture and gait (through AiM). 

Lynn is inspired by the results that a commitment to Pilates practice can achieve for everyone. She enjoys designing and teaching Pilates sessions and tailoring classes to adjust to all participants in her class. More about Lynn’s and her classes can be found here: https://www.limberstrength.com.au/about/

“Let us challenge ourselves to see what we can do, how we change day-to-day, and move with more strength and grace.”

About Pilates

Take time to explore movement and how to move your body well. Discover more about your mind, breath, body connection. Do you sometimes wonder why you are ‘stronger or more flexible on one side’ than the other? This 45-minute class is for beginners in movement, or for your return to exercise after a break. We gently mobilise our joints in all planes of movement and wake our bodies and muscles up!

How to join this class

Once registered via email, you will be able to join the Zoom through the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/71846118709

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