Temple of Embodied Presence and Sensuality with Swaha

Temple of Embodied Presence and Sensuality with Swaha

To book a place for this class, register via eventbrite. Limit places are available. Zoom link will be sent on booking.

About Swaha Devi

Swaha is passionate about supporting people to reconnect to their sense-ual nature, to experience orgasmic energy in every day life, and to re-permission joy, vitality and wholeness.  Swaha combines 17 years experience as a Devotional (Bhakti) Yoga / meditation teacher and energy healer, with Breathwork, Shamanic healing, bodywork and sensuality coaching. She works one on one and with groups around Australia and Internationally, and believes that combining meditation and transcendence with connecting deeply with the sweet rawness of our humanness and bodies is the key to a happy, healthy and balanced life.

About the class

The temple of embodied presence and sensuality is a feminine “mystery school”. It is a sacred space to come together as women, to explore our needs and desires, and our powerful feminine nature, and harness it to bring deeper pleasure, joy and empowerment to our lives, and the lives of others. The class will support you to:

  • Significantly reduce anxiety and fearful thought patterns.
  • Reduce physical pain and tension in your body to feel more open, and more sustained joy and pleasure.
  • Stay in higher frequencies that allow you to drop into constant inner peace, in more and more situations.
  • Receive clearer spiritual guidance revealed through the wisdom of your own body.
  • Stay tuned to YOUR station of infinite possibilities during uncertain times.
  • Be a beacon of light for others right now.
  • Learn how to set clear boundaries that will protect your energy from people who drain your energy.

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