Infuse Your Inner Radiance: Meditation with Daniela

Infuse Your Inner Radiance: Meditation with Daniela

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About Daniela

Daniela’s teaching blends together the traditions of yoga, mystical studies,  meditation and mindfulness practices. It is Daniela’s intention to guide students to deepen body and spiritual awareness. Daniela’s classes are a unique blend of yoga, movement, breath, energy healing and meditation creating an opportunity to practice deeper awareness of body, mind, heart and spirit.

You are warmly invited to experience deeper connection to spirit, more strength and resilience in the body, increased mental focus and ease, and unwind the nervous system, and listen to the innate wisdom of your body and heart.

Daniela is a teacher, a yogini, a meditator, a seeker and a mother.

She is an introverted activist, a lover of good coffee, wholefood and spirituality, who craves silence and simplicity more than almost anything else.

She loves supporting and working with people and companies who lead with heart and are equally as passionate for making a difference in the world.

She is grateful and honoured to be able to attribute her continual self & soul evolution to her practice, ongoing study of world spiritual traditions, mystical rituals, and mentorship with luminous teachers including her family (who challenge and keep her grounded).

About Meditation with Daniela

Make your everyday more sacred by infusing it with your radiance, your inner light and love. This meditation will focus on connecting your heart and mind to start honouring your inner radiance. Through this class you will be given a glimpse at the simple process of sending prana (life force) outside your body, bringing healing energy to where it is needed most. You will use simple energy and breath practices to clear away any inner blockages, allowing your radiance to shine while remaining connected to your heart centre. 

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