Born to Move with Kate

Born to Move with Kate

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About Kate

I facilitate Biocentric activities and Biodanza for wellness, teambuilding and personal. I’ve worked with hundreds of people from pre-school children to executives, vulnerable teenagers to government using biocentric methods in Australia, the Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, Europe and Mozambique.

I get a buzz from seeing the transformation in people that these methods bring. We are all looking for ways to ease suffering, reduce stress and find more joy, whatever our country, age or circumstance. These methods manage to bring that with presence, joy, art and humanity.

I run weekly groups in Canberra (online at the moment) and train people to become Biodanza facilitators as the Director of the Biodanza School of Australia.See for more about our offerings. Weekly online evening class – Mondays at 7.30pm.

About the Class

Step away from the desk for a midday reset.

Humans were born to move!

Most of us know we need to move more. We are smarter, more creative and more engaged when we move. Moving and music are two of the most enlivening forces for humans. And we will bring a fabulous combo of both into this class.

For this 45 minute class we will play music that elevates your mood and makes you want to move. And we will invite you to a set of fun and simple movements. It’s put together in a way that leaves you feeling grounded and energised and can be done by anyone. You take it at your own pace and there’s a little break between each song.

Biodanza the Dance of Life is our inspiration. Biodanza was born in South America so this is more like a party than exercise.

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