Energy Medicine to Boost your Immunity and Release Stress and Anxiety with Swaha

Energy Medicine to Boost your Immunity and Release Stress and Anxiety with Swaha

Join the class here via Zoom at 330-515 Sunday 17 May.

About Swaha Devi

Swaha is passionate about supporting people to reconnect to their sense-ual nature, to experience orgasmic energy in every day life, and to re-permission joy, vitality and wholeness.  Swaha combines 17 years experience as a Devotional (Bhakti) Yoga / meditation teacher and energy healer, with Breathwork, Shamanic healing, bodywork and sensuality coaching. She works one on one and with groups around Australia and Internationally, and believes that combining meditation and transcendence with connecting deeply with the sweet rawness of our humanness and bodies is the key to a happy, healthy and balanced life.

About the class

Learn to master your personal energy for more vitality, better healthy, contentment and peace of mind.
Quantum physics talks to the concept of everything being made of energy. Energy that is neither created or destroyed, but changes form over and over again. Our personal energy system is forever interacting with the energy of others, place and things around us.

During this workshop you will learn the basics of energy healing and chakra balancing and tools for boosting your immunity and reducing stress. During the workshop you will:
– Learn about your energy anatomy (aura and chakras) and how to keep them clean using a simple technique.

– Learn a simple energy technique for releasing other peoples feelings and energy.

– Learn techniques to assist with insomnia/ stress and anxiety.

Soul Sessions

Temple of Embodied Presence and Sensuality

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