Qigong with Sunny

Qigong with Sunny

Join the class here via ZOOM

About Sunny

Sunny Forsyth is a skilled practitioner in Qigong who trained in Asia over a decade. His own recovery from a chronic illness inspired him to show others how to maintain and balance their wellbeing.

About Qigong

Join us to move, connect to community, and refresh your sense of humanity in this time of lockdown.

Qigong is an effective practise tested and tried over thousands of years in China on millions of people feel free, relaxed and conquer stress.

Come and experience it in your lounge room.  

Try something new and you may discover why people have sworn by this exercise as a way of dealing with times of crisis.  Uncover your natural state of:

👍  Radiant health

✅  Vitality

🤗  Glow from the inside

So, if you’re experiencing stress, isolation, anxiety, or fatigue then this is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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