Movement for EVERY body

Movement for EVERY body

Join the class via zoom at this link on Thursday 21 AND Join the class via Zoom on 28 May from 11-1215

About Amie

Amie is a peer human. Her body’s been fortunate to move following the lead of fine folk over a number of years including – Simon Thakur, Debora de Centa, Craig Mallet. Amie is also a leader in a peer-counseling movement that focusses on how hurts are stored in our body, their relationship to societal systems of oppression, and processes of emotional release. She hopes that through sharing her learnings and engaging in mutual exploration with others, we all may encounter our full and shared humanity with renewed vigour.

About the class

Our bodies were made to move. ALL bodies are made to move… For various psycho-socially contingent reasons, many of us stop moving, particularly in dynamic and fluid ways when we come out of our teen or young adult years. Some of our bodies were shamed and so we avoid anything related to our bodies except for in privacy. Some of us kept up one sport but stopped playing freely. Some of us got injured and gave up. Some of us are emotionally burdened and wear that burden in our bodies. Whatever the story of your body, your body is GOOD and worth moving in whatever way it can!

Join me to jiggle some of the sleeping parts of our bodies in a gentle, light and nourishing way. Our bodies are alive, and awakening sensation, movement and awareness in our bodies is a potent way to connect us to the wonder of life that lives in and all around us. EVERY body is welcome.

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