Current Covid-19 Services

If you are in an emergency, or require immediate help, call (000).
The ACT Government has a helpline available for information, open between 8am and 8pm, call (6207 7244).
For the most up-to-date, authorised information, visit the ACT Government’s Covid-19 website.

For additional information regarding services currently operating in Canberra, you can view a frequently updated community document here. It is generously updated weekly, and contains contact details of a suite of organisations.
This includes legal services, food delivery, mental health, parenting, and housing.
We thank the people in our community who take time out of their week to collate, and update this information.

Additionally, for information relating to Domestic Family Violence, or Sexual Violence, another community-led resource is available here.
This contains contact details for individuals requiring counselling and advice, as well as crisis centres and services.

If you wish to add anything to this page, please get in contact with us!

Canberra Community Exchange is a collection of Canberra locals, hoping to bring together the community. In doing so, we also recognise our limitations as a group. We will not provide medical advice, and encourage all parties to engage in our classes in a safe way, recognising personal limitations.
We are happy to provide links and contact details to services when required, but are not in the position to give legal or medical advice.